Buying a holiday home is a wonderful thing. It’s surprisingly affordable, there are plenty of options available, and you can enjoy a home-away-from-home where you can relax and de-stress all year round.

Read through our 5 easy steps towards owning your dream holiday home and see for yourself just how easily you could be enjoying your own stress-free holiday home in next to no time at all:


Step 1:

Simply ask yourself our 10 key questions by clicking here. These frequently asked, easy to answer questions, have been tailored to focus your mindset and map out the right path for you when considering buying a holiday home.


Step 2:

Sit back and enjoy a leisurely browse around our dedicated Holiday Home and Lodge pages or even better contact our dedicated sales team to arrange a no-obligation viewing at your leisure. You and your family can enjoy a private appointment to view all of our latest holiday homes for sale, as well as familiarising yourself with our beautiful park and all of the available facilities.


Step 3:

Take your time to consider exactly what you want from your holiday home. It’s paramount that your holiday home ticks all the boxes. Once you’ve decided, contact our sales team to either enjoy a second meeting or to run through all of your questions, as required. Our sales team will put you at ease, spending time to consider all of your requirements and ensuring you’re 100% confident when buying a holiday home and happy before making any financial commitment.


Step 4:

Once you’ve agreed and chosen your holiday home, inform your salesperson who’ll then complete the necessary documentation with you, and your agreed payment structure will be formalised. This is a really straight-forward process, but it will need to be organised face-to-face. At the end of this meeting, your salesperson should be able to inform you of an approximate timeframe for your holiday home to be made available – sometimes this can be as little as 7 days!


Step 5:

It’s moving-in day! Your dream holiday home is now ready and waiting for you. Simply make your way to Akebar, where our salesperson will meet you and escort you to your NEW dream holiday home. We’ll run through all the features of your beloved holiday home as well as providing you with all necessary access information for the park and other relevant information.

We’ll even have a little surprise ready for you to enjoy at your leisure…


We are confident that you’ll grow to love our park just as much as we do! The welcoming atmosphere and community spirit, alongside stunning scenery, is why generations of the same families return year-after-year, forming precious childhood memories that will last a lifetime. Why not read some of our current owner’s testimonials here and see for yourself just how special Akebar really is?


We look forward to welcoming you to Akebar soon!

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