Akebar Park

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Finghall Barrel Push


The weird and wonderful Finghall Barrel Push is a traditional event that takes place in the village of Finghall in North Yorkshire, England. It typically occurs on May Bank Holiday. The event for 2024 is happening on Monday 29th May.

During the Finghall Barrel Push, participants push an empty beer barrel up the steep hill leading from Akebar to the village of Finghall, often dressed in traditional costumes or fancy dress. The origins of the event are believed to date back several centuries and may have originally been linked to celebrations surrounding the winter solstice or other seasonal festivities.

The exact history and significance of the Finghall Barrel Push can vary depending on who you ask, but it’s generally regarded as a fun and quirky tradition that brings the community together.

You can make a full weekend of it and stay with us at Akebar Park. The Friars Head pub will be serving tasty all weekend as well as an open day to view our holiday homes for sale in North Yorkshire.

Why not get in touch if your interested in competing in the event?