Akebar Park

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A Poem about Yorkshire


In Yorkshire’s rolling dales, where sheep graze serene, A holiday home, a picturesque dream. With walls of sturdy stone, and windows that gleam, Owning a slice of Yorkshire, what a theme!

Through winding lanes, where the hedgerows entwine, A quaint lodge awaits, a sanctuary divine. In God’s own country, where the sun loves to shine, Owning a holiday home feels mighty fine.

In winter, the moors wear their snowy white gown, While inside, by the fire, we banish all frowns. With a cup of Yorkshire tea, and cozy woolen throws, Owning a holiday home, oh, how it glows!

Springtime brings blossoms, a riot of hue, And the scent of fresh air, as the sky turns to blue. We wander the hills, with hearts light and true, Owning a holiday home, our spirits renew.

Summer days linger, with warmth in the air, Picnics on grassy knolls, without a single care. As the sun dips low, painting skies with flair, Owning a holiday home, beyond compare.

Autumn arrives, with its palette so bold, Leaves dance in the breeze, like stories untold. In our Yorkshire haven, where memories unfold, Owning a holiday home, worth its weight in gold.

So here’s to Yorkshire, where beauty abounds, And to holiday homes, where joy knows no bounds. In this slice of heaven, where happiness is found, Owning a holiday home, forever profound!