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Living the Dream: Life as the Owner of a Holiday Home at Akebar Park

Read on to discover the ins and outs of holiday lodge ownership from the perspective of one of Akebar Park’s holiday home owners, and how you can enjoy all the benefits of owning your own holiday home or lodge!

I can safely say that the joys of holiday lodge ownership are almost endless!

I’ve owned my holiday home at Akebar Park for more years now than I can count on one hand, and not a trip goes by where I’m not grateful for my lodge and being able to visit it time and time again.

For starters, it’s been such a worthwhile investment.

I’ve always loved North Yorkshire for its beautiful scenery, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and all the amazing adventures it has to offer me and my family – so I always felt that investing in a holiday home was a good decision right from the start!

Because I come here so often, I’ve probably more than made up for the initial cost of the lodge (Akebar Park’s 0% finance plan was a huge help on that front too), and it’s certainly been more cost-effective than booking a hotel or B&B every time we’ve made the trip.

There’s so much nearby to keep me and my family entertained.

Despite coming to Akebar Park on a regular basis for so many years, no two trips are ever the same. Whether I come on a quick solo staycation, a weekend away with my partner or a week-long stay with the whole family, there are so many different adventures that we can enjoy.

Just some of my favourite attractions include Bolton Castle and Aysgarth Falls – they are quite simply breath-taking – and the children are always begging for a day out to Lightwater Valley or The Forbidden Corner!

I know there’s so much I have yet to discover in the area too (restaurants, days out and similar), so I’m really excited to see what my next few visits have in store!

The community at the park is wonderful.

Of course, I’m not the only holiday homeowner at the park, and there are so many other amazing individuals, couples and families that I have the pleasure of bumping into at neighbouring lodges.

We sometimes even get together for a barbecue outside our holiday homes or go for dinner together at The Friar’s Head if our holiday schedules allow!

The onsite team are also incredibly friendly and happy to lend a hand if anything goes awry (which is exceptionally rare) or if there’s anything we need, which is a real comfort.

Most of all though, my holiday lodge is my home from home.

My holiday home is simply beautiful. I fell completely in love with it and all it’s amazing features when I had my first viewing all those years ago – from the fully-functional kitchen all the way down to the comfortable sofas. Not to mention the stunning views of the Yorkshire Dales that I get to enjoy from the veranda; it never gets old!

One of the other best things about holiday lodge ownership is being able to add your own decorative spin to it too, which I have certainly taken advantage of over the years.

It’s so good to know that everything I need will be there when I arrive too, meaning that I can dive straight into holiday mode and relax without getting stressed about the usual holiday essentials.

If there is anything I do need at a moment’s notice though (I nearly always forget my toothbrush!), I can always get it from Akebar Park’s onsite shop or the supermarket down the road.

Ultimately, owning my own holiday lodge has been an absolute dream and provided me with the perfect home from home. So, if you’re thinking about doing the same, I say – go for it!


Contemplating holiday lodge ownership for yourself?

If the above account has inspired you to own your own holiday home, our team at Akebar Park would be delighted to discuss the different options available, or book you in for a viewing of one of our lodges or homes for sale. Simply get in touch with us now to get started!