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Leyburn 1940’s Weekend


Every July, Leyburn Hosts their annual 1940’s weekend!

This fantastic weekend of nostalgia is supported both locally and from far afield, with the likes of Wensleydale Railway and Leyburn Arts and Community Centre at its heart.

For the weekend’s entirety, The Market Place in the centre of town becomes an arena for all things 1940s – with music, singing, dancing, stalls and all manner of vehicles: including military vehicles, farm machinery, buses, vintage cars and much more.

Wherever you look, you’ll be able to spot people dressed in the decade’s greatest fashions, including skirt suits, square-shouldered jackets, double-breasted suit jackets, fedoras and more. You could even find yourself being transformed into a 1940’s belle by having your hair done specially for the occasion!

You’ll also have the opportunity to indulge in an excellent selection of vintage teas and coffees, among other delicacies from the decade before dancing the night away, led by a dedicated dance tutor.

In fact, there’s almost no end to the amazing things you can see and do at this fantastic local event!

If you’d like to find out more about the Leyburn 1940’s Weekend and what they have planned for the coming year, be sure to visit their website: Find out more

Stay at Akebar Park for the event!

We have been welcoming visitors attending the Leyburn 1940’s Weekend to Akebar Park for many years – and we just love seeing everyone’s costumes and hearing about the swing-tastic times they have over the weekend!

We are on a local bus route that can take you directly to the festival, and after a fun and busy day of browsing, singing and dancing, your caravan or lodge will be ready and waiting for your return, so you can completely relax!

Want to find out more?

We’d be delighted for you to come and stay at Akebar Park during the Leyburn 1940’s Weekend. Simply get in touch with us today for more information, or book your holiday viewing with us below!

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