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How to pick between static caravans for sale in the Yorkshire Dales


When it comes to static caravans, the Yorkshire Dales offer a plethora of choice.

… perhaps even a little too much choice! Here at Akebar Park, for example, we have an array of beautifully designed and well-situated static caravans ready and waiting to become home-away-from-home to individuals, couples and families across the country.

So, while owning a static caravan is a truly exciting endeavour, as a lifetime investment, it’s also important that you choose the right one for you and anyone else who will be staying with you on your trips to Yorkshire.

The trouble is, there are a ton of different elements to take into account when it comes to choosing between static caravans for sale in the Yorkshire Dales. We’ve therefore outlined the following top tips and considerations you should make before you take that ultimate pick!

5 things to consider when choosing between static caravans for sale in the Yorkshire Dales:

1. Whereabouts do you want your caravan to be?

The Yorkshire Dales is a lot bigger than many people anticipate, and filled with numerous treasures, such as unspoilt wildlife, breath-taking scenery, top eatieries and rich cultural heritage!

So, when you’re looking at static caravans to buy, it’s important to think about where abouts within the are you would like yours to be.

For example, are you looking to be in a tranquil, peaceful area, surrounded by wildlife? Do you want to be close to the nearest attractions that the Yorkshire Dales have to offer? Or are you hoping to even have both?

It’s not just the area you’ll need to think about, either. When you’ve found that, you’ll also need to think about where within your chosen park you want your caravan to be situated.

For example, do you want your caravan to be close to others so you can become part of a bustling community of regular holidaymakers? Or would you prefer your caravan to be more stand-alone so that you can enjoy the peace and quiet as much as possible?

2. Who’s going to be staying with you?

Are you going to be travelling alone on your visits to the Yorkshire Dales, or will you be bringing a partner, or even your whole family?

This is an important consideration to make, as you’ll want to be sure your caravan of choice has enough space and resources for everyone to be comfortable and able to relax!

3. Is the quality reflected in the price?

As mentioned above, static caravans for sale in the Yorkshire Dales are a considerable investment, so it’s important that you take your budget into account, and whether there are any finance options available to support you with your purchase.

However, it’s equally important that the price fairly balances out with quality. For example, if you find a static caravan with a temptingly low price tag, but you have concerns about the quality or safety of the build that you feel aren’t fixable within your budget, then it’s probably wise to look elsewhere.

Ultimately, ensure you can find a caravan that sits within your budget, but that also enables you to have a safe and enjoyable stay!

4. Does it have the “wow” factor you’re after?

Many people will tell you that they knew when they had found the right house to buy, because they felt an instantaneous “wow” factor as soon as they walked through the front door.

The same goes for your choice of static caravan! If you find yourself bedazzled by the interior, in love with the location, and joyous at the price, then chances are, you’ve found the perfect new home-away-from-home.


5. Can you truly make it yours?

While many caravans come readily and beautifully designed, it’s important that you have the ability to make at least some modifications to make it wholly your own.

For example, you might have found a static caravan with just the right amount of space and in the perfect spot – but you’re not so keen on the choice of colour scheme that the original designer created. In this case, be sure to check how easy it would be to make some changes.

After all, you’ll be staying in this space relatively frequently, so you’ll want to be sure that your surroundings make you feel comfortable and at ease!

Need more help making your decision?

Our team at Akebar Park would be delighted to chat with you about your particular requirements, and whether one of our range of static caravans for sale can offer the perfect match!

We are fortunate to be situated right on the edge of the stunning and tranquil Yorkshire Dales National Park, but also in close proximity to a range of attractions, shops and restaurants. We also have a great choice of beauty spots within the park to choose from!

What’s more, we have a range of different sized caravans on offer, each built using the highest quality materials, and beautifully decorated whilst leaving plenty of room for customisation – and all at at fantastic, affordable prices!

You can explore our current static caravans for sale in the Yorkshire Dales here, or get in touch to book your viewing below…