It goes without saying that buying a holiday home is a big investment – but certainly a worthy one!


Whether you decide to purchase a luxury lodge or a static caravan, the benefits of owning a Yorkshire holiday home are almost endless; from long-term cost savings to zero holiday stress and being able to enjoy one the of the most stunning parts of the UK in all its glory!


Before you can get to enjoying all of these benefits, however, there are several things you should keep in mind when initially looking at holiday homes for sale in Yorkshire…


Before purchasing a Yorkshire holiday home, you should know that:


1. No two holiday homes are the same!

It’s a common misconception that all holiday homes – from static caravans to lodges – are all carbon copies of each other, exhibiting very little in terms of personality or uniqueness. However (at Akebar Park at least), this could not be further from the truth!


In fact, our caravans are all individually and professionally designed to be beautiful, comfortable, and make you feel right at home. Equally, they are flexible in their design and layout, so you can easily add that personal touch.


This is worth keeping in mind when you start looking at holiday homes for sale in Yorkshire. Whichever you pick, ensure that it gives you that true sense of comfort and personality before you decide to make the purchase! We have more tips on how to choose the perfect holiday home in this blog.


2. It’s not just the home itself that’s important, but also its location.

Yorkshire is a large place. In fact, it’s the biggest county in the UK! This means that there are lots of different areas to choose from when deciding to buy a static home.


It’s important to consider this carefully as Yorkshire is home to a wide variety of different attractions, places to eat and more. It’s also home to some truly beautiful nature spots and highlights!


So, when it comes to choosing your holiday home, ensure you pick one that’s in close proximity to all the things you enjoy doing, as well as one that enables you to take in the very best of Yorkshire’s natural beauty. After all, you’re going to be visiting relatively often!


As an example, at Akebar Park, we’re just a short distance from a great many different things to do, have our own top-rated restaurant on site and are immersed in some of the very best of nature that the Yorkshire Dales has to offer!


3. Your choice of holiday park is also crucial.


Again, bearing in mind that you’ll be visiting your chosen holiday home several times throughout the year, you’ll also want to ensure that the holiday park your caravan or lodge is situated in meets all your needs.


For example, does it have an onsite shop you can pop to quickly if you forget to bring something with you on your trip? Are the other holiday homeowners on site friendly and easy to get on with? Is there adequate security available on site? Does the site allow children and dogs?


It’s these kinds of things that can make or break your holiday experience, so be sure to check that the park you’re thinking of buying a holiday home can cater to your particular requirements.


4. There’s a prime time to buy a holiday home!


We’ve gone into more detail about this in our blog “Why the end of the season is the best time to buy a static caravan,” but essentially, when you look at holiday homes for sale in Yorkshire, winter is the best time to commence your search.


This is because you can find some really good deals on offer, different parks will have helpful financial plans in place to help you purchase your chosen home, and when the spring comes around, you’ll be ready to start holidaying right away!


Now you’ve read all the above, you can go into your Yorkshire holiday home search with confidence!

We may be a little biased, of course, but we’d highly recommend that you take a look at the holiday homes we have available for sale here at Akebar Park. If this is something you’d like to do, be sure to get in contact with us today and we’ll arrange a viewing at a time and date to suit you!


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